How to keep your office tidy and organised

We all have that one person who is super tidy at the office. In our case we have two organisation freaks! They felt that organisation is a key feature to functionality. So here are some steps which will help you keep organised at the office: 1.Declutter that office. If you haven’t decluttered your office in […]

Market researchers: What do we do?

So what do market researchers actually do? Our roles in market researchers involves data, including; planning, implementing, controlling, analysing and reporting all that data. Some of our main responsibilities include investigating market activity, analysing data and statistics, assessing future trends and commissioning lots of surveys. The job can be fast paced and overwhelming at times, […]

How to guarantee your business’ success with Market Research

So what is Market research? Market Research is defined as being “the action or activity of gathering information about consumers’ needs and preferences.” Here at MAS our goal is to provide our clients with critical information about their market and business landscape. How can this help your business? Simply put, researching your market can help […]

Going international: is your marketing strategy following?

As globalisation and technology break down geographic barriers, going international is often the natural next step forward for businesses that spot a niche of opportunity in a foreign market and choose to follow it up. Tapping into a new market should not be entered into lightly. There are many considerations to be taken before taking […]

Building a resilient brand

A brand is a powerful influencing tool and its true value exists in the mind of the consumer. A brand is therefore very valuable, but alas incredibly fragile. A brand is a promise; a promise that you will deliver the same important benefits the same way, consistently, time after time, and that you will deliver […]

Mistakes to avoid when entering a foreign market

Many companies choosing to set up camp in a market other than own do so with the prospect of increasing their revenue streams and boost their operations. It may be tempting to set up a business abroad without making any modifications to the current strategy. However, establishing a business in a foreign market successfully cannot […]

4 Ways Marketers Can Use Facebook Messenger To Increase Engagement

1. Using the Messenger Auto Reply:
If you don’t have a messenger chatbot yet, it’s extremely easy to create one with the right skillset, but you can still create a similar experience with auto-replies and get pretty creative with it.

Here is how to set up an auto-reply in your messenger:

Step 1: From your Facebook business page, click on settings.

4 Popular Styles of a Brand Positioning Strategy

Style 1: Arm Wrestling
In this positioning style, you are trying to take on the market leader and beat them at their own game. This type of strategy can be used when there is a well-established market category but no clear market leader that is leaps and bounds ahead of everyone else.

How Human Emotion Influences Buying Behavior

That’s right, regardless of all your data analysis and that awesome pros/cons list you made, your decision to buy (and that of your consumers) is largely influenced by one of the more primal brain areas and less about by what makes us so smart.

Because of this, as marketers, we need to be masters of connecting emotionally with customers and clients.

5 Ways to Convert Loyal Freemium & Trial Users Into Happy Paying Customers

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