Contemporary Homelessness in Malta Quantitative Study

“The phenomenon of homelessness in contemporary Malta remains invisible to those who do not know where – or do not wish – to look for it” Marketing Advisory Services (MAS) was commissioned by YMCA Malta in 2022 to carry out a study to quantify homelessness in contemporary Malta. The study provides a ‘snapshot’ of the […]


User Research (UXR) is a process through which things about target groups of users or consumers are discovered.  Through UXR, ways in which different users interact with a product are observed, documented, and used to inform product design.  Unlike methodologies of more established types of market research that are used to quantify things like ‘feasibility’ of a new product within a market, UXR methodologies are […]

Tourism & COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has transformed tourism, as we respond to new travel restrictions, conditions, and anxieties by modifying our habits and preferences.  Marketing Advisory Services looked at some of these changes among tourists from six European countries, at three key points during the course of the pandemic through a research exercise carried out between Q3 […]